Veritas Online: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

Veritas Online is an interactive online learning environment. Access to Veritas Online is provided to students, staff and parents of Santa Sabina College to support learning, teaching and communication within the School community. Use of Veritas Online is subject to the College's IT policy, which all users accept at the time of login. The guidelines provided here are a summary of that policy.

All Staff, Students and Parents are issued with unique login details to access Veritas Online. These credentials regulate the information you have access to. Please keep your unique username and password confidential and do not use anyone else’s account to logon to the site.

Care must be taken when adding content to Veritas Online. In particular, we ask that any material posted on the site is appropriate and relevant. Uploading offensive or defamatory content may result in loss of access to Veritas Online. Illegal use of the site will be referred to the Police. Furthermore, all content must meet Copyright licence agreements and use the recognised standards of acknowledgement and recognition. Content must meet Copyright and Intellectual Property guidelines when content is reproduced from another source.

Santa Sabina College continuously monitors the use of Veritas Online to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Please note that any information you contribute to Veritas Online is tagged with your account details. Each user is responsible for all activity that occurs when your username is used to logon to the system.

For more information, please refer to Santa Sabina College's IT Policy and Privacy Policy.